All 71 Secret Rare Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Rare quests are one of the unique features from the 2 most recent Fortnite seasons, including Chapter 2 Season 6. Each stage of a rare quest gives you 12500 XP. These quests are just like the punch cards from Chapter 2 Season 4, but they have a couple of differences:

  • There’s much more of them
  • They can’t be seen in the game

If you don’t know about these quests, the only way you can complete them is by doing the right things randomly during a game. Fortunately, all the rare quests are known, and here they are.

P.S. Even if you don’t see these quests in your quest list, you still can complete them.

Here’s a picture of all the rare quests available (pictures by @HYPEX)

Now let’s talk about some of the quests that might be hard to complete.

Complete quests

  • Complete common quests
  • Complete uncommon quests
  • Complete rare quests
  • Complete epic quests
  • Complete legendary quests

This one is quite simple – just complete the quests. Once you’ve completed a certain amount of quests of a certain rarity, you will get some XP.

Distance travelled

  • Distance travelled on foot
  • Distance travelled gliding
  • Distance travelled swimming
  • Distance travelled in a vehicle

This pack of quests needs you to move a lot. Usually, the more you move, the less the chances of dying are, but now you will also get XP. “Distance travelled swimming” quest can be completed using a bug – just start swimming on the start Island. When the Battle Bus teleports you to itself, the game will think that you swam the distance between you and all the way to the Battle Bus.

Thank the Bus Driver

Thanking the Bus Driver is extremely important – the success of the match depends on it, as well as the XP you get for completing this quest. To thank the bus driver, just press the emote button while you are in the Battle Bus.

All 71 Secret Rare Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Place Top 10

You just need to place Top 10 or higher. It is easier to complete this quest playing squads – this way Top 10 will be counted for squads, which is around 20-40 living people instead of 10.

Collect XP coins

  • Collect Green XP Coins
  • Collect Blue XP Coins
  • Collect Purple XP Coins
  • Collect Gold XP Coins

Each season some XP coins appear on the map, and Chapter 2 Season 6 isn’t an exception. However, the coins usually appear on week 3 or 7, so there’s no coins yet.

Fishing and Hunting

  • Catch Fish
  • Fish at Fishing Holes
  • Collect Bones
  • Collect Meat
  • Hunt Animals
  • Lure Creatures
  • Tame Animals

Hunting is an important part of the gameplay. You can find different animals in different places around the map, mostly next to fields or farms. If you kill them, you will get meat and bones. But if you are against killing animals, you can tame or lure it with food. All of those actions can give you XP.

Also, don’t forget about fishing – catching a fish in a fishing hole or in a random place on the water can also give you XP.

Craft or Upgrade Weapons

  • Craft Weapons
  • Upgrade Weapons

Crafting a weapon can be done in any part of the map. You just need to open your inventory, go to the crafting tab and have the necessary items.

All 71 Secret Rare Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Upgrading a weapon can only be done by an NPC. Here is a map of all the NPC that can upgrade your weapons:


All 71 Secret Rare Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Map via:

Don a Disguise

This disguise is like the one you wear in Hide and Seek modes, but it’s now in Battle Royale. To complete this quest, you need to talk to one of the NPCs that provide such a service, such as Jekyll or Bushranger.

All 71 Secret Rare Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Use items

  • Use Campfires
  • Use Bandages and Medkits
  • Use Shield Potions

Always use healing items. This won’t only help you win a match, but will also give you additional XP. Campfires are even better – you can use them in Team Rumble and constantly stoke them to get XP with each pack of wood thrown into the fire.

Destroy Shrubs

To complete this challenge, you need to destroy shrubs that grow on the ground. There’s a lot of those shrubs in these locations:

Sofas, beds or chairs destroyed with a pickaxe

To complete this challenge, I recommend going to DurrrBurger. There are around 50 chairs – you can fully complete the quest by going there for just 10 times.

All 71 Secret Rare Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Hit weakpoints

If you hit a breakable object, a blue circle will appear. This circle is the weakpoint you need to hit. To complete this quest, you need to hit those points when breaking objects.

All 71 Secret Rare Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Complete Bounties

Even though the Bounty Hunter season is over, you can still earn some gold by completing bounties. Besides gold, you will also get XP for completing this rare quest.

You can find bounties from NPCs or at Bounty Boards.

  • Search Ammo Boxes
  • Search Chests
  • Search Supply Drops
  • Search Ice Machines

Chests are well-known wooden or metal crates that contain weapons, ammo and consumable items.

Ammo boxes are green or blue metal crates with ammunition.

Supply Drops are blue crates that fall from the sky. There’s a lot of them in Team Rumble.

Ice Machines are metal freezers with fish.

Consume foraged items

  • Consume Apples
  • Consume Bananas
  • Consume Mushrooms
  • Consume Foraged Items

As you can see, Apples, Bananas and Mushrooms are the main food here. There’s a lot of Apples in The Orchard, Bananas are common next to Coral Castle, and Mushrooms can be found in Weeping Woods.

All 71 Secret Rare Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Map via:

Destroy Buildings

  • Ignite structures with fire
  • Melee Damage to player structures
  • Player structures destroyed in a vehicle

The easiest way to complete this quest is by igniting trees in Weeping Woods. Just collect some fireflies and throw them into a tree. This way you will both complete the “Ignite structures with fire” quest and the “Destroy Trees” quest.

To deal melee damage to Players’ structures, you can stay in the Storm for a while and hit enemies’ buildings with your pickaxe.

If you want to complete the third quest, you just need a car and a gun. Once you have them, just go to a location in the Storm and break some old enemies’ structures.

And that’s it for rare quests in Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite. Most of them don’t require anything special – you can complete them just by playing the game. However, there are some tricky ones.


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