Fortnite fish collection book Season 2 Chapter 3 – all fish and where to find them

The empty Fortnite fish collection book pleases us at the beginning of the season 2. And there would be something to discover! After all, it turns out that all the fish from this season have already been in the game.

But before we get to the Fortnite fish collection book in Season 2 Chapter 3, let’s complain a little! The fishing at the beginning of Season 2 Chapter 3 really upset me! Hours spent in ambush for the sake of catching fish were rewarded with a bug that wiped out half of my collection from the face of the earth. And I don’t take into account the tankers, which from time to time took the life of a poor fisherman! Cheers to these guys! And due to a bug, in this article there will be data from files, and not from a personal collection.

Fortnite fish collection book Season 2 Chapter 3 - all fish and where to find them

In total, there are 28 fish in the Season 2 Collection Book: three common fish, five slurpfish, five thermal fish, five small fry, five jellyfish, and five shield fish.

How to discover fish in the Season 2 collection book?

Fishing is required to discover fish in the Season 2 collection book. What a surprise! Fishing is carried out by the following devices: a fishing rod and a harpoon gun.

The fishing rod and harpoon gun can be obtained by searching the barrels on the piers. Simply search or break the barrel, get one of the two items and start fishing. It is enough to select a fishing rod or harpoon in the inventory and press the attack button in the direction of the water. As soon as a splash appears in the water, it’s time to strike! Press the attack button again to get a catch.


There is a professional fishing rod in Fortnite nature – it can fall out of barrels and can be obtained by upgrading a regular fishing rod at an upgrade benches for 300 bars.

The difference between this rod and a regular one is that only with it you can catch certain fish. There are five such fish in this collection book – 7, 13, 20, 26, 27.

Fish numbered 14 – 18 are caught only in calm water, not counting additional conditions.

Fish locations in Season 2

Do not forget that some fish are caught only in a certain biome. There are 5 locations in total in the game: swamp, coasts, forest ponds, mountain ponds, desert ponds. Fish that are marked “Everywhere” can be caught anywhere.

Swamp areas

Oddly enough, the Fortnite fish swamp area is the central pond. Therefore, if you need fish numbered 23, you are ordered to enter this area.

Coastal areas

Fortnite fish coastal areas are locations with shells and sand, a prominent representative of which on the Chapter 3 map is the Sanctuary. There are many fishing rods, many fishing spots.

Fish numbers 5, 12, 18, 21 and 27 are caught in this area. They are caught perfectly, the main thing is to get serious about fishing.

Forest areas

The grove was gone on the map, but an area with a few trees appeared near The Joneses. This is what is considered a game for forest areas.

And in this area 6, 25 and 28 fish are caught.

Desert areas

Fortnite fish desert areas are located in the south of the map. Fish are caught here under numbers 7, 10, 20 and 26.

Mountainous areas

Mountainous areas are perhaps the only locations that are intuitive. The mountain reservoir is located in the north of the island, near the Logjam Lumberyard.

All fish and where to find them

Below you can see the all fish and where to find them. Open the picture and read the conditions for catching fish. The resolution of the picture is simply huge, so feel free to zoom in and study each card.

Link on picture HERE. Right-click on the link and click open in new tab.

What do fish collection book do in Season 2

There is no global goal and no specific reward for discovering all fish collection book in Season 2. The only thing you get through fishing is experience. By discovering the collection, you will surely complete the fish milestone and get XP from this. Well, the fish collection book will cease to annoy with its emptiness. This, as far as I know, is a significant factor for many.


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