How to change the character’s gender in Fortnite?

How to change the character’s gender in Fortnite? If you have played a lot of RPGs and are used to the possibility of changing the sex, changing the shape, adjusting the color of the eyes, then you have to disappoint. There is currently no such functionality in Fortnite, and the probability of the appearance of the possibility of a sex change is very low. There are several reasons for this.

  • Fortnite free game and developers want to increase the number of Donat in the game. Therefore, they make paired skins, thus making it possible to choose the floor during the purchase of the skin, and if you want both a male and female character, pay twice:

Of course, this is not a detailed setting, but the presence of additional attributes such as backpacks, picks, cloaks and pets will help to create your unique               style. And so that you have enough V-bucks for all these skins, we recommend reading the article – how to get V-bucks to Fortnite.

  • The second reason, in our opinion, is the low need for such a functional. Now in Fortnite a huge number of skins and they are able to satisfy even the most naughty player.

But if the situation changes, we will definitely inform you about it and update this article. Stay with us.


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