NBA Creative Mode Fortnite XP challenges guide

After the NBA crossover came to Fortnite, we’re constantly getting some free things – V-Bucks, free cosmetics, and now also XP and challenges. New challenges are exclusive to Creative Mode, so forget about your Battle Royale skills and enjoy some community-made maps.

Warning: some challenges can have issues with completing

Visit the NBA Creative Hub

This challenge isn’t working for everyone, but the way to complete it is obvious – just go to Creative Mode, create a server, and you will appear in the new NBA Creative Hub.

You can use it to talk to staff, get to any Creative map or even take a picture with NBA characters. Would be a perfect place if it wasn’t so laggy.

NBA Creative Mode Fortnite XP challenges guide

Play a match of “Court Crashers”

To get into this mode easily, open the game mode selection window and click the “The Crossover: Court Crashers” game mode. This is the mode you need to play.

NBA Creative Mode Fortnite XP challenges guide

If you are already on the island, go to the big screens to select a mode. The screens are located behind the basketball player in the middle of the building.

Collect coins in “Court Crashers”

The coins need to be collected in the “Court Crashers” game mode. You can read about how to enter it above. These coins don’t look like regular coins with a Fortnite logo – instead, they are small basketballs that you need to collect in the NBA Creative game mode.

NBA Creative Mode Fortnite XP challenges guide

The coins you collected count when you die, so don’t worry if you don’t see a message about a collected coin right when you touch it.

If you complete all the NBA Fortnite challenges, you will receive a banner icon.


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