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KFC 1024x576 320x320 - KFC skin in Fortnite - Concept

KFC skin in Fortnite – Concept

The official KFC Gaming account shared the KFC brand concept for Fortnite. At this stage, this is only a concept and there are no comments from Epic Games. To begin with, the creation of...

сундуков 320x320 - Search Chests

Search Chests

The final challenge of the Fortnite “14 Days of Christmas”  has arrived! Today we need to find and open 14 Fortnite chests. The task is as simple as possible, but we cannot leave you...

скин 320x320 - DJ skin will not be a gift

DJ skin will not be a gift

During the passage of the Fortnite “14 Days of Christmas” challenge, many believed that they would give a new skin DJ Bop for completing all the tasks. Alas, the epic considered otherwise and decided...

Boom Box 320x320 - Boom Box in Fortnite

Boom Box in Fortnite

Today, December 30, 2018, a new item was added to Fortnite. Boom box is a good old tape recorder that makes sounds that can break down any buildings, but does not cause damage to...

Scr04 320x320 - Thank the bus driver in different matches

Thank the bus driver in different matches

The Fortnite “14 Days of Christmas” challenge continues and this time we need to thank the bus driver in different matches. The task is as simple as possible, but we need to play 11...

28047 750 320x320 - Ninja won 5000 matches

Ninja won 5000 matches

Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, was the first in the history of Fortnite to win 5000 matches on PC. To achieve this result, streamer needed 13,550 matches, of which he won 37% (more...

Ninja Fortnite

Ninja Fortnite Settings

Ninja Fortnite Settings are an important part of the gaming aspect, which is worth mentioning. Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins) is […]

Dr DisRespect

Dr DisRespect Fortnite Settings

Dr DisRespect (Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV) – the famous streamer on Twitch. In the Dr DisRespect community they call him […]

Tfue 300x169 - Tfue Fortnite Settings

Tfue Fortnite Settings

Finding all the Tfue Fortnite Settings in one place is now easier than easy, because we have collected all the […]

Clark Kent 300x300 - Clark Kent

Clark Kent

Clark Kent outfit. Remember the glasses from one of the Chapter 2 Season 7 teasers? These glasses belong to Clark […]

Kymera 300x300 - Kymera


Kymera outfit. Kymera is an alien from a galaxy far away who is able to change his look. This outfit […]

Joey 300x300 - Joey


Joey outfit. Muscular body, face scars, an eye patch, alien tattoos – all of this sounds like a description of […]