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What To Do If Your Fortnite Account Was Hacked 320x320 - What To Do If Your Fortnite Account Was Hacked

What To Do If Your Fortnite Account Was Hacked

First of all, you should try to restore access to your account using password recovery tools. You can do this on the page: https://accounts.epicgames.com/login/ just click on the “Forgot Your Password?” button and enter...

Fee number 24

Fortbyte challenges: Found within Fatal Fields

New update 9.00 added players desire to play and receive mysterious rewards. Today we will look at the passage of Found within Fatal Fields from a series of Fortnite Fortbyte challenges. Fee number 24...

The Gemini skin challenges have become known 320x320 - Fortnite Gemini skin Challenges leaked

Fortnite Gemini skin Challenges leaked

Gemini skin, which got into the game files of Fortnite back in April, but never came out, got new information. The network has been tested for this skin. Here are the tests: As we...

Season 9 Week 1 Hidden Battle Star Location

Season 9 Week 1 Hidden Battle Star Location

The tip to the hidden battle star of the 9th season of the 1st week Fortnite can be found on the loading screen that appeared in the game. A woman with a minigun (coordinates...

Ninja Fortnite

Ninja Fortnite Settings

Ninja Fortnite Settings are an important part of the gaming aspect, which is worth mentioning. Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins) is […]

Dr DisRespect

Dr DisRespect Fortnite Settings

Dr DisRespect (Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV) – the famous streamer on Twitch. In the Dr DisRespect community they call him […]

Tfue 300x169 - Tfue Fortnite Settings

Tfue Fortnite Settings

Finding all the Tfue Fortnite Settings in one place is now easier than easy, because we have collected all the […]

FOR RARE 2 300x132 - Shifu


Shifu outfit is a rare skin added in v10.1 patch. If the Fennix skin was an adaptation of a fox […]

Fennix outfit 


Fennix outfit is ​​a rare skin added in 10.1 patch to game files. Before us is the so-called adaptation of the […]

Opressor outfit


Oppressor Outfit is a high-tech cyborg killer with the desire to kill all your enemies. A durable gray exoskeleton made […]