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Creative Mayhem how to get a free pickaxe and spray

Creative Mayhem: how to get a free pickaxe and spray

There are tons of Fortnite news. We’ve already talked about the leaked upcoming collaborations, and now we have an announcement for another event in Fortnite, which is the Creative Mayhem challenge pack. However, the...

Fortnite Brazil sea creatures

Fortnite Brazil announced new sea creatures

The official Fortnite Brazil account made another deep and informative announcement. Seems like more creatures are going to visit the waters of Fortnite! 🚶‍♂️🏄‍♂️ 🆘🦈👐 👏👏 — Fortnite Brasil (@Brasil_Fortnite) April 30, 2021 Fortnite...

Virtus pro is leaving fortnite - VP players is leaving Fortnite

On April 29, the official social networks of posted about the team leaving Fortnite as a sports discipline. You can also check out: Meowscles can return to Fortnite with a new look

Meowscles can return to Fortnite with a new look

Meowscles can return to Fortnite with a new look

While players are trying to complete challenges and get some XP, data minders are working hard to get some interesting things from the game’s files. This way they found something interesting about Meowscles returning...

Where to find the Glitch Bow in Fortnite

Where to find the Unstable Bow in Fortnite?

16.30 update is making many players happy with its presence and new things, which appeared because of it. We’ve already seen new skins and bundles, but now it’s time to talk about a new...

Ninja Fortnite

Ninja Fortnite Settings

Ninja Fortnite Settings are an important part of the gaming aspect, which is worth mentioning. Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins) is […]

Dr DisRespect

Dr DisRespect Fortnite Settings

Dr DisRespect (Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV) – the famous streamer on Twitch. In the Dr DisRespect community they call him […]

Tfue 300x169 - Tfue Fortnite Settings

Tfue Fortnite Settings

Finding all the Tfue Fortnite Settings in one place is now easier than easy, because we have collected all the […]

Clark Kent 300x300 - Clark Kent

Clark Kent

Clark Kent outfit. Remember the glasses from one of the Chapter 2 Season 7 teasers? These glasses belong to Clark […]

Kymera 300x300 - Kymera


Kymera outfit. Kymera is an alien from a galaxy far away who is able to change his look. This outfit […]

Joey 300x300 - Joey


Joey outfit. Muscular body, face scars, an eye patch, alien tattoos – all of this sounds like a description of […]