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Fishstick 320x320 - Fishstick Loading Screen concept

Fishstick Loading Screen concept

On the eve of the 8th season, Epic Games is making more and more clues and hints about the future fate of Fortnite Island. Only one store scuba divers hints at the emergence of...

IKONIK K Pop 1 320x320 - IKONIK K-Pop skin for buying Samsung Galaxy S10 +

IKONIK K-Pop skin for buying Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Epic Games and Samsung again teamed up to release an exclusive skin for players of the Fortnite – IKONIK K-Pop. K-pop equipment was found in the game files for quite some time, but the...

Scr02 2 - Tomato Temple

Tomato Temple

Tomato Temple is a region on the map of the Royal Battle, located on the northeast coordinates of G3-G4, north of the Dusty Divot and west of the Wailing Woods. It replaces the former Tomato...

WW4 - Wailing Woods

Wailing Woods

Wailing Woods is a region on the map of the Fortnite Battle Royal, located in the northwest coordinates of H3-H4, I3-I4, north of the Lonely Lodge and west of the Tomato Temple. It is...

LL - Lonely Lodge

Lonely Lodge

Lonely Lodge is a district on the map of the Battle Royal, located in the eastern coordinates of I4-I5, J4-J5, south of Wailing Woods and east of Retail Row. It is a wooded lowland...

RR - Retail Row

Retail Row

Retail Row is a popular area on the Battle Royale map, located in the eastern coordinates of H6, east of the Dusty Divot and north-west of the Paradise Palms. This is a shopping complex...

LLK - Lucky Landing

Lucky Landing

Lucky Landing is an area on the Battle Royale map, located on the southern coordinates of F10, east of the Flush Factory. This is a city with thatched roofs and traditional Asian models of...

Ninja Fortnite

Ninja Fortnite Settings

Ninja Fortnite Settings are an important part of the gaming aspect, which is worth mentioning. Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins) is […]

Dr DisRespect

Dr DisRespect Fortnite Settings

Dr DisRespect (Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV) – the famous streamer on Twitch. In the Dr DisRespect community they call him […]

Tfue 300x169 - Tfue Fortnite Settings

Tfue Fortnite Settings

Finding all the Tfue Fortnite Settings in one place is now easier than easy, because we have collected all the […]

Cyclo skin


At first glance, you may say that you’ve already seen the Cyclo outfit before. And that’s true: the skin itself […]

Renegade Shadow outfit

Renegade Shadow

Renegade Shadow outfit is probably a Shadow agent because of both his name and styles. He wears a black coat […]

Shimmer Specialist outfit

Shimmer Specialist

Shimmer Specialist skin really justifies its name – the character wears really bright colorful clothes, and the jacket and a […]