Our Fortnite gliders list is designed to facilitate your search for dreams among in-game cosmetics. Like other skins, gliders have their own categories of rarity: legendary, epic, rare, uncommon and common. However, they do not always have cardinal differences in appearance, but rather in price. The most expensive glider when you buy will cost you 1,500 V-bucks, and the cheapest one in 500. Regardless of the price, all fortnite gliders are collected in our article.

I would like to note that among the gliders, the players have favorites. For example, Frostwing or Downpour.

Targeted main 320x224 - Targeted


Fortnite Targeted glider will not let you land calmly! Every time at gunpoint! However, on the other hand, the glider looks attractive, although it testifies to the love of battle. By the way, it...

Divine Dragon main 320x224 - Divine Dragon

Divine Dragon

Fortnite Divine Dragon glider is the cosmetic item that shines with its beauty and grace. What are these gold inserts on the ship’s hull – right, a fortune! Dragons are ready to devour your...

Batso main 320x224 - Batso


Fortnite Batso glider is a huge decoration that reminds me of a imp made from gum. Strange association, I agree, but it stubbornly does not leave her head. In any case, this is a...

Krampus  Little Helper main 320x224 - Krampus' Little Helper

Krampus’ Little Helper

Fortnite Krampus’ Little Helper glider is beloved and unique deer of krampus, which scare children in the new year and rob them of victory royale. Horror! But then they are beautiful and glow like...

Cozy Coaster main 320x224 - Cozy Coaster

Cozy Coaster

Fortnite Cozy Coaster glider is the beloved, almost the first New Year glider added for Christmas. This pattern, this form gives an unforgettable experience for all holidays. Once fly on the Cozy Coaster and...

Horned Strike main 320x224 - Horned Strike

Horned Strike

Fortnite Horned Strike glider is a decoration for flying with strange form. This is something modern and old, from the forgotten times. And the point here is the huge tusks that are inserted into...

Poofy Parasail main 320x224 - Poofy Parasail

Poofy Parasail

Fortnite Poofy Parasail glider is a decoration for all so goody-goody. Soft shape, double wings, blue color. Very minimalistic and at the same time beautiful. Poofy Parasail glider is perfect for the Flapjackie outfit....

Zephyr main 320x224 - Zephyr


Fortnite Zephyr glider is a cosmetic item that barely glows and has caustic colors. It is unlikely that it will be remembered by the enemies for a long time and they will envy you....