Our Fortnite gliders list is designed to facilitate your search for dreams among in-game cosmetics. Like other skins, gliders have their own categories of rarity: legendary, epic, rare, uncommon and common. However, they do not always have cardinal differences in appearance, but rather in price. The most expensive glider when you buy will cost you 1,500 V-bucks, and the cheapest one in 500. Regardless of the price, all fortnite gliders are collected in our article.

I would like to note that among the gliders, the players have favorites. For example, Frostwing or Downpour.

Batglider1 320x224 - Batglider


Fortnite Batglider glider is one of the thematic Fortnite cosmetic items. Wings, which will help us to swing up and penetrate the atmosphere of the DC. When there will still be an opportunity to...

Gum Drop main 320x224 - Gum Drop

Gum Drop

Fortnite Gum Drop glider is a secret ingredient for any rhombus victory. And really – you don’t need much – just sparkles adorning the glider. I don’t know how for your eyes, but for...

Tusk main 320x224 - Tusk


Fortnite Tusk glider is a decoration will have many fans, because with it the heart is warm in winter, and the soul is calm. Indeed, with such a glider it’s almost impossible to find...

Goalbound main 320x224 - Goalbound


Fortnite Goalbound glider is a flight decoration is made for all football fans. Football on TV, football on a T-shirt, football on physical education. Now, Fortnite is solid football. If you want to keep up...

Split Wing main 320x224 - Split Wing

Split Wing

Fortnite Split Wing glider is a construction of the future with a mysterious symbol. Who, where and from where remains to be seen, but flying on such an unidentified object is possible today. Split...

Field Wraith main 320x224 - Field Wraith

Field Wraith

Fortnite Field Wraith glider is an ominous cosmetic item that is suitable not only for Halloween, but also in order to scare enemies to death! This is a huge lively scarecrow that waving its arms...

Goo Glider main 320x224 - Goo Glider

Goo Glider

Fortnite Goo Glider that speaks with all its appearance about the love of its author for chewing gum and teeth. It’s just a solid flying jaw that has side wings and good antennas. Goo...

Assault Bomber main 320x224 - Assault Bomber

Assault Bomber

Fortnite Assault Bomber glider is a decoration so similar to a military aircraft of the last century. It is obviously metal, contains many emblems and propellers. Bombing with such an unusually easy! Bomb’s away! How...