Starter Pack

This is a relatively new type of skin in Fortnite, which can only be bought once. Fortnite
Starter Packs offers new players decent skins and a set of V-Bucks at a low price.


The Fortnite Starter Pack skins are constantly changing, so they have an exclusivity, and I
hope there will be a lot more with each new season.

Yellowjacket outfit


Yellowjacket’s outfit provocative outfit immediately draws attention to itself: she wears a yellow (obviously) leather jacket with a pair of black and yellow boots. Yellowjacket skin’s fighting nature is approved by the hip pistol holster...

Wilde mini


Wilde Outfit – this girl knows how to look stylish and expensive, even in the city, even in the jungle. Shorts in the gradient, a huge golden plaque and a striped coat. Similarly, the...

the ace mini 320x263 - The Ace

The Ace

Design Do not be charmed by her faceless charm! This character looks so unusual due to the dress in red and white color, black vest and white tie. Be careful: she recently pulled a...

Wingman mini 320x263 - Wingman


Design A red mask with white lines, outerwear with various flags and a backpack in the same style – isn’t everything harmonious in this shape? However, this character is exactly like a villain from...

Rogue Agent mini 320x263 - Rogue Agent

Rogue Agent

Design Again military style? – you ask. But we have absolutely nothing to do with it! The mask casts rainbows in all colors and the garb of this character is all in gray tones...

Summit Striker mini 320x263 - Summit Striker

Summit Striker

Design Killer of your money! Summit Striker wears dark pants with a bright stripe, massive beige shoes, a brown jacket with orange sleeves and white rectangles, a belt, gloves, a hood and a mask...