Reflex mini 320x266 - Reflex


Design I’m not sure that this is a detachment from fast response, but I can’t pick and choose.. Reflex is dressed in dark pants with green elements, a turquoise jacket, a mini vest, a...

Mayhem mini 320x263 - Mayhem


Design The uncontrollable destruction of the my fort by Mayhem! This character is dressed in dark pants with numerous stripes and belts, massive shoes, a green T-shirt, an orange jacket, spiked shoulder pads and...

Spooky Team Leader mini 320x219 - Spooky Team Leader

Spooky Team Leader

Design With such character you cannot leave the house! Spooky Team Leader – panda with imaginary exciting changes this time. The captain is dressed in a full-fledged costume: a bottom in a black-and-green strip,...