Daequan Fortnite Settings

Daequan is a professional Fortnite player, a member of the TSM team. Daequan is one of the best players in games like GunZ The Duel and Black Desert Online. He is mainly known for...


KingRichard Fortnite Settings

KingRichard is a Fortnite player and streamer on Twitch, which currently does not play in a team. KingRichard relies heavily on its mouse buttons for gun slots and on its keys for building structures....

Grimmmz - Grimmmz Fortnite Settings

Grimmmz Fortnite Settings

Grimmmz is a professional Fortnite streamer from California. He became popular due to the large number of murders in PUBG, later he moved to Fortnite. Grimmmz Video Settings Mouse settings Grimmmz Keybinds

OPscT - OPscT Fortnite Settings

OPscT Fortnite Settings

OPscT – (OP means Over Powered) – this is a streamer from New York, USA. He was one of the successful players in the H1Z1 Battle Royale game, but now focused on the Fortnite...


Svennoss Fortnite Settings

Svennoss is a PUBG, Fortnite, Rust player on Twitch. The settings and sensitivity from Svennos are unique. Almost all settings are by default! What is even more surprising is that Svennoss is the #...


Cizzorz Fortnite Settings

Cizzorz – youtuber on an ongoing basis. Recently appeared on Twitch. Basically he plays in Fortnite Battle Royale and puts his videos on YouTube channel, where there are already more than 3 million subscribers....


Summit1g Fortnite Settings

Summit1g (Jaryd Lazar) is an American Counter-Strike: GO streamer and part-time semi-professional player. Now actively playing in Fortnite Battle Royale. Lazar streaming regularly since 2012. At its broadcasts stably present at 30,000 spectators. Summit1g...

Gotaga - Gotaga Fortnite Settings

Gotaga Fortnite Settings

Gotaga is a professional Twitch streamer and Youtuber from France. Before he started playing Fortnite Battle Royale, he was a Call of Duty player. On his YouTube channel (over 2 million subscribers), he downloads...