Stars and Stripes

Star Spangled Ranger MINI 320x263 - Star-Spangled Ranger

Star-Spangled Ranger

Design  Star-Spangled Ranger. This character shines in blue: blue pants, T-shirt in the mentioned blue, red, white colors. What flags do you guess in this character’s shirt? Description Make ’em see stars. PNG pictures...

Star Spangled Trooper mini 320x263 - Star-Spangled Trooper

Star-Spangled Trooper

Design See how beautifully the pixels of the face of this character are combined with the pixels of his suit! A blue scarf with white stars, a white T-shirt and blue pants – the...

Fireworks Team Leader mini 320x263 - Fireworks Team Leader

Fireworks Team Leader

Design Teddy bears are vital for us! A blue themed suit with red-and-white-striped pants, with a belt and red shoes, is the epitome of tender feelings! But… it’s like the eyes are trying to...