All Fortnite Summer Skins List

Summer… Perfect time for lazy swimming in warm water, basking in the sunshine on the beach and playing ball with friends. In Fortnite you can also go to the beach and take a break from the excessive routine in a summer skin.

Fortnite summer skins are full of variety: there are many beautiful girls in swimsuits, buff boys in shorts, and unusual sea creatures. Consider summer skins in ascending order of rarity. The first of these was Castaway Jonesy, who once personally knocked out a battle bus. Of the rare skins, we have Beach Jules in a black and pink swimsuit, Beach Brutus, Boardwalk Ruby in a red-striped swimsuit, and Doublecross, which is very similar to her. Also in this collection can be attributed Surf Witch, the popular Beach Idealist in a cap and Snorkel Ops. Of the rare skins, there are still some left, but almost no one buys them.

All Fortnite Summer Skins List (clickable):

Now let’s take a look at the epic summer skins. The coolest here are Summer Midas in his black short-sleeved shirt, Beach Banana in a straw hat and shorts, and maybe Summer Ronin with a lovely Hawaiian floral headband. After such beautiful and strong men come no less beautiful girls: Tropical Punch Zoey, Summer Fable and Starfish. After them are paired rescuers and scuba divers. There were not so many legendary summer skins, and Moisty Merman and Chomp Sr. were among them. Both of these skins are just guys dressed as fish.

All Fortnite Summer Skins List

So, enjoy the Fortnite Summer Skins List and select the fighter!