Our Fortnite gliders list is designed to facilitate your search for dreams among in-game cosmetics. Like other skins, gliders have their own categories of rarity: legendary, epic, rare, uncommon and common. However, they do not always have cardinal differences in appearance, but rather in price. The most expensive glider when you buy will cost you 1,500 V-bucks, and the cheapest one in 500. Regardless of the price, all fortnite gliders are collected in our article.

I would like to note that among the gliders, the players have favorites. For example, Frostwing or Downpour.

FOR EPIC8 320x320 - Astroworld Cyclone

Astroworld Cyclone

Fortnite Astroworld Cyclone glider comes in the same pack with Travis Scott, but it is not for sale: you were able to get this glider by visiting Travis Scott’s concert at least once, but...

Petunia main 320x224 - Petunia


Fortnite petunia glider is a pink decoration for your flight. Nothing but petunia will make your flight so unforgettable. A cute pattern will overwhelm any gray everyday life in Fortnite. For when you’re a...

Lavawing1 320x224 - Lavawing


Fortnite Lavawing glider is a huge lava dragon that takes flight of any enemy! It is so huge that it is quite difficult to consider the environment when flying. But it looks really inspiring...

Chaos main 320x224 - Chaos


Fortnite Chaos glider is an ordinary black canvas, very similar to someone’s flag. Be careful, otherwise pirates will chase you! However, something tells me that they will not catch you, because the Chaos glider...

Hot Rod main 320x224 - Hot Rod

Hot Rod

Fortnite Hot Rod glider is a bright decoration for the flight, attracting your and enemy’s attention to all 100! And yes, this glider is perfect for fans of the save the world mode, because...

Checker main 320x224 - Checker


Fortnite Checker glider is a great addition to the Slingshot outfit. Just imagine, you can collect a whole set and stay in the game as an excellent (or not so) driver, knocking down every...

Globetrotter main 320x224 - Globetrotter


Fortnite Globetrotter glider is a decoration for flying for all those who cannot remember the Fortnite location on the world map. Simple and easy to understand. The main thing is not to include this...