Our Fortnite pickaxes list will help you determine not only the purchase of the long-awaited skin, but also familiarize you with all the beautiful and not very harvesting tools. As usual, fortniters, among all in-game items, have favorites, for example Razor Smash harvesting tool. And those that they do not directly like, for example Cliffhanger pick. On our Fortnite pickaxes list, you will find both.

I would like to note that Fortnite pickaxes are of three rarities: epic, rare and uncommon. All of them are unique in their own way, but their main difference is the price: 1200, 800 and 500 V-bucks, respectively. Harvesting tools can only be purchased separately from skins, exceptions are bundles.

Fortnite Dark Dino Bones pickaxe

Dark Dino Bones

Fortnite Dark Dino Bones pickaxe is a part of the Dino Guard set. Still remember the new Halloween Dark Rex and Dark Tricera Ops dinosaurs? So, if you liked these skins and you bought...

Fortnite Razor Smash pickaxe

Razor Smash

Fortnite Razor Smash pickaxe is a favorite Rainbow Smash pickaxe of all, only redone for the style of the upcoming dark holiday. Do you prepare for Halloween? Remember to bring Razor Smash pickaxe from...