Back Blings

Our Fortnite back blings list does’t contain everything, but the most fashionable and popular jewelry on the back in this not unknown game. If you have been playing for a long time and are familiar with Fortnite, then you know that basically, back blings are sold together with skins. Only occasionally back blings can be found in the in-game store separately from the outfits.

Also, the fact that Fortnite back blings have four rarities is also very important: legendary, epic, rare and unusual. Each of these rarities has its own “stars”. Among the legendary it is Ark wings or Wolfpack back bling. Among the epic – Brite bag. Well, I offer you to choose favorites among the unusual and rare backs. After all, it’s so interesting to look at Fortnite back blings of any skins!

Fortnite Astroworld back bling


Fortnite Astroworld back bling looks like a tiny planet with a speaker in its center. You may have recognized it because it’s the same planet, that flew to the island during the Travis Scott’s...

Fortnite Neon Wings back bling

Neon Wings

Pretty much everyone has wanted to get Fortnite Neon Wings back bling in recent weeks (valid for May 2020). And that’s understandable: it looks really cool and probably fits most of the skins in...

Fortnite Dark Scaly back bling

Dark Scaly

Fortnite Dark Scaly back bling is an epic decoration on the back from a Dino Guard set of Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 2. If you suddenly wanted to become a dinosaur, then Dark Scaly...

icon 33 cr 320x299 - Dark Hatchling

Dark Hatchling

Fortnite Dark Hatchling back bling is an epic decoration on the back from a Dino Guard set of Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 2. If you didn’t like Dark scaly, then you can always choose...

icon 11 cr 320x299 - Bao Basket

Bao Basket

Fortnite Bao Basket back bling – honestly, I don’t know what it is. Only one thing is clear – this is something from China and this something looks very unusual. If you are a...

Fortnite Time Keeper back bling

Time Keeper

Fortnite Time Keeper back bling in a nice color in addition to Wrath skin. I can’t add anything more, Time Keeper’s worth buying if you have extra V-bucks and a desire to go around...

Fortnite Back-o-lantern back bling


Fortnite Back-o-lantern back bling is a very unusual variation of the classic Jack lamp. Do you want to surprise with style for Halloween? This is your choice! Stylish? Of course. Slice of classics? Present!...

icon8 cr 1 320x299 - Council of Frogs

Council of Frogs

Fortnite Council of Frogs back bling ran away from Baba-Yaga (the old witch in Russian fairy tales). Or from some witch. After they were on the player’s back. Do not ask what they have...