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Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world and every day events occur that are associated either with the game or with the gaming community. We try to choose the most interesting news and give the latest information.

Items from Resident Evil are available in Fortnite 1

Items from Resident Evil are available in Fortnite

Unlike other collaborations, characters from different video games don’t really come to Fortnite that often. The last ones were Cammy and Guile from Street Fighter, which were sold in the item shop. A few...

Sideways Scythe - where to find and stats 2

Sideways Scythe – where to find and stats

The recent Fortnite update brought a new location to the game, as well as some other new items and even a new weapon – the Sideways Scythe. It’s just as cool as its name...


Fortnite developers are deleting Squid Game maps

As you’ve probably noticed, Squid Game is all around us in real world, and it also is in Fortnite. Artists are making concepts, creators build maps in Creative Mode, and the developers even added...

Characters from Dune are coming to Fortnite 2

Characters from the movie Dune are coming to Fortnite

We’ve seen quite a lot of collaborations during the past month – Mummy and Frankenstein’s Monster, inspired by the Universal movie studios, a character by the artist Kaws, and even another Fortnite comic by...

How to get a $10 coupon from Epic Games

How to get a free $10 coupon from Epic Games

You’ve probably noticed some unusual generosity going on recently. First, we got a free return request in Fortnite, and now you can get a free $10 coupon in Epic Games Store just for signing...