Astroworld Cyclone

Astroworld Cyclone  Fortnite Astroworld Cyclone glider comes in the same pack with Travis Scott, but it is not for sale: you were able to get this glider by visiting Travis Scott’s concert at least once, but lots of people got it just by logging into the game. The glider itself s a rollercoaster cart, but all rusty and with huge teeth on the front. This glider’s other feature is that you don’t hold it from below, like most other gliders, but you actually stand on it, just like TNTina’s glider.

TypeRarity Reach
GliderIcon SeriesThe part of Travis Scott set, for free.

How to get

You were able to get Fortnite Astroworld Cyclone glider by visiting Travis Scott’s concert at least once.

PNG pictures

High-quality images of Fortnite Astroworld Cyclone glider in a PNG format with a transparent background, so that you use them as you see fit (wallpapers, YouTube, etc.):


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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