Bao Basket

Bao Basket  Fortnite Bao Basket back bling – honestly, I don’t know what it is. Only one thing is clear – this is something from China and this something looks very unusual. If you are a fan of Chinese culture, or you just liked the appearance of Bao Basket back bling, then you can easily get it in your locker, moreover, it really looks impressive and interesting.

TypeRarity Reach
Back BlingEpic1500Bao Basket

How to get

Bao Basket back bling can be purchased at the Fortnite in-game store along with Bao Bros outfit for 1500 V-bucks.

PNG pictures

High-quality images of Fortnite Bao Basket back bling in a PNG format with a transparent background, so that you use them as you see fit (wallpapers, YouTube, etc.):


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