Collect doomsday preppers guide – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 legendary challenge

Collect doomsday preppers guide is another one of Chapter 2 Season 7 week 4 legendary challenges. And as you know, any self-respecting scout should have a survival guide, you just can’t be without one! What to do when the campfire goes out or when boars are struck by a terrible alien parasite? Right, for this case should be this book, which adds desire to survive and will give correct answers.

To find this book on the Fortnite map, go to Hydro 16. You need to enter one of the rooms, where will be standing a table, half dead chair and a file cabinet.

A book with a llama on its cover will be laying not far from these items.

When you collect the doomsday preppers guide, you can find other Chapter 2 Season 7 legendary challenges here when the guides are out.


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