Dance at Different Beach Parties – 14 Days of Summer

The 14 Days of Summer callenge “Dance at Different Beach Parties” sends us to various beaches scattered around the map. They really are all in a different place and visit them in one match is unlikely. It is good that this is not required. The goal in the other – to dance on each.

To perform this callenge, it is necessary to dance on 6 different beaches, which were added to the beginning of the holiday season. Below you can find a map with all the Fortnite beaches. Fly to designated locations and dance your favorite dance. When you perform your best dance in 6 locations – you complete the callenge and get a new emote.

зоны отдыха 800x797 - Dance at Different Beach Parties - 14 Days of Summer

This emote is of rare quality and resembles a classic disco dance. To use this dance in the future, put it in quick access and enjoy! However, you can not put the emote in the locker, it will be enough to press the emotion button in the game and use the wheel.

Reward: Emote “Deep End”

Deep End (Rare)Dive in

Deep End Rare – Dive in 300x273 - Dance at Different Beach Parties - 14 Days of Summer

Emote “Deep End” in the game:



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