Enter the Vault in Doom’s Domain – week 7 challenge guide

Doom’s Domain is much less popular than it was during the season’s start – Doom is not the only boss anymore, so there are more options. If you want to get a boss skill, you can also try to kill Iron Man or Wolverine. But this challenge is not about the last two – the only boss in Doom’s Domain is obviously Doctor Doom.

The vault is a big safe that Doctor Doom’s henchmen guard. To open him, you will need a key that can be obtained by killing Doctor Doom. After Doom dies, the key will drop and you’ll be able to open the vault, which is located in the underground base under the soccer field. But if you are not the best fighter, I recommend you trying to wait until all the enemies leave Doom’s Domain and just safely entering the opened vault. This way you won’t get all the loot that was inside the vault nor Doom’s skills, but it will be much safer than the fighting way.

And here’s a map if you don’t know where the vault is (remember that it’s underground):

Enter the Vault in Doom's Domain - week 7 challenge guide


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