Fortbyte 34: Found Between a Fork and Knife Location Fortnite Guide

That cutlery draped in fortbyte challenges! It remains to go through the names of the dishes and then we will definitely see and learn everything in this game.

To get to the knife with a fork and fortbyte 34, you need to keep the course on Fatal Fields. To be precise, to the north-west of this location.

плата 34 - Fortbyte 34: Found Between a Fork and Knife Location Fortnite Guide

If you ever paid attention to these figured pits, then it’s time to find out that this is a fork and a knife. We sit at the base of the “fork” or “knife”, we reach the middle and we cut the wooden fence. We go in this small tunnel between the trenches and look for fortbyte! If you look at the map, fortbyte 34 is located exactly in the middle.

Fatal Fields – the place is quite lively. Although it also happens that nobody landed there. If you plan to continue the game after collecting the fortbyte, be sure to loot! The place is insidious!



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