Fortbyte 37: Found Inside A Disaster Bunker Basement In Pleasant Park Location Guide

Before us today the important challenge is to find the bunker in Pleasant Park. Those who often sit there, surely know about it and about ordinary cellars. However, this differs from the latter in that the base of the surviving is located at the very last level. Sorry for not going to the Jonesy bunker!

To get a fortbyte 37, sit in this house and get down to the blue door. As soon as you open it, turn left and enter the glazed room. At the end of it will be a fortbyte! Its, by the way, and so it will be noticeable if you look around during the descent.

A pleasant park – the location is very popular, so you should not be surprised at your deaths. It is likely that the players who came to the byte before, will guard you. We advise to arm.


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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