Fortbyte 58: Accessible By Using The Sad Trombone Emote North of Snobby Shores Location Guide

Oh, those Fortbyte challenges! It all goes on and on … 58 already arrived in time.

Fortbyte 58 can be found In Snobby Shores, in the north-west from the center of this location. More specifically, it is located at the wooden fence with the inscription “private property” and a pile of nearby garbage. As soon as you are on the spot, use “Sad Trombone” emote (46th level of bp) and take the fortbyte!


We advise you to land at the very first house from above and first loot. Very often, this location undergoes the title of a “hot spot”, or many of players perform challenges for murder. You can’t tell by location, but a mess is often formed in it. Of course, there is another option – to raise the fortbyte first, and only then get weapons – just remember, you will not be alone.


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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