Fortnite Gas Can locations in Season 2 Chapter 4

It sometimes happens that not enough gas stations in Fortnite, or they are too far away to fulfill their main duty – to refuel the car. In such cases, gas canisters help out, which randomly spawn on the map.

Fortnite Gas Can locations in Season 2 Chapter 4

Fortnite Gas Can, one might say, is a little gas station in your inventory, because having found a canister, you can refuel immobilized vehicles at any time and enjoy the movement. The canister in Fortnite looks like it does in life – it’s a tin container with a spout. If you shoot at the canister or hit it with a pickaxe, it will explode.

Well, do not forget that canisters of gasoline can not be thrown away, but refilled at any gas station. It makes life easier for motorists. Well, let’s finally look at all Fortnite Gas Can locations.

Fortnite Gas Can locations

Surprisingly, the canister is one of the most prevalent items on the Fortnite map. It can be found literally everywhere – at gas stations, at residential buildings, in cities and so on.

All Gas canister locations in Season 2 Chapter 4: