Fortnite Gas Station locations in Season 2 Chapter 4

Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 4 has arrived, and with its launch, something has changed in the game – new vehicles and other innovations that disturb the minds of the players. Yes, each season is something unique that requires careful study.

Fortnite Gas Station locations in Season 2 Chapter 4

This season, there were no cardinal changes in Gas Station locations, but if you play without paying attention to the environment, this article will be necessary for you.

Gas stations are very useful, because inside you can find vehicles, refuel them with gas pumps and blow up the building. The latter, it seems to me, is especially important if there is a corresponding challenge. In general, gas stations often appear in weekly and daily quests, so knowing their location is a must.

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 Where are the Gas Stations in Fortnite

There are a lot of gas stations. Some are small buildings with several fuel hoses, while others look like a huge mall.

As you can see from the map of gas stations, they are located throughout the island. Take a car or just land at the locations shown below.

All Gas Station locations in Season 2 Chapter 4: