Fortnite Upgrade Station locations in Season 2 Chapter 4

Fortnite Upgrade Stations appeared a very long time ago, then on the map you could find the Kit and Jules skins. And even though the days of these skins have passed, upgrade benches remain in the game, which are ready to improve your weapons for a very expensive price and remind you of the past. In this article you will find out Fortnite All Upgrade Station locations in Season 2 Chapter 4.

Fortnite Upgrade Station locations in Season 2 Chapter 4

Upgrade Stations are oddly shaped devices that upgrade a weapon or fishing rod. With the help of them, you can upgrade, for example, an assault rifle from rare to epic or a fishing rod from ordinary to professional. And the last very helpful.

However, you will have to pay for the upgrading:

  • Fishing rod upgrade costs 300 gold
  • Weapon upgrade from Common to Uncommon cost 200
  • Weapon upgrade from Uncommon to Rare cost 300
  • Weapon upgrade from Rare to Epic cost 400
  • Weapon upgrade from Epic to Legendary cost 500

It’s expensive, but if you use bounty boards, you won’t run out of gold.

Where to find Fortnite upgrade benches in Season 2 Chapter 4

Workbenches are mostly located in the grassy parts of the map: the autumn medieval biome, the green summer one, and the new futuristic south-east part of the map. Even though the winter parts of the map have some strange mystical structures and even a lab, there aren’t any upgrade benches there.

Fortnite Upgrade Station locations:

I hope Upgrade Benches map will be useful to you.