Fortnite Worlds Collide Challenges – Cheat Sheets, Tips, Rewards and more

Fortnite Worlds Collide Challenges, and with them the developers, now no doubt send us to the past through rifts, rift zones and … mushrooms. To plunge into all the ill-fated challenges, use the cheat sheets below and put off your patience until better times – tasks are simple, and therefore it is unlikely to cause you many difficulties.

Rewards for completing season 10 week 3 “Worlds Collide” will not be upset with their appearance, therefore there is nothing to look at. We will get a lot of experience and battle stars, glider, spray and style.

  1. 10x Battle Stars
  2. 10x Battle Stars
  3. 10x Battle Stars
  4. 5,000x Season XP
  5. 10x Battle Stars
  6. 10x Battle Stars
  7. Rift Rider Glider
  8. 1,000x Season XP
  9. 1,000x Season XP
  10. 1,000x Season XP
  11. Catalyst Emoticon
  12. 1,000x Season XP
  13. 1,000x Season XP
  14. Catalyst (Snowstorm) Style

Use a Rift

You can use a rift in 4 different areas, the main thing is to be in time.

In simple challenges, we recommend using the portal on Lake, as it does not disappear and an unlimited number of players can use it. As for the premium mission, try to choose the point farthest from the storm that appears and start the path from it (it is desirable that the zone is around the lake). Then move along the road to the lake and visit other portals. Obviously, this tactic is appropriate only after some time after the release of the challenges.

Also you can always get into the portal at lake!

Use a Rift - Fortnite Worlds Collide Challenges

In normal missions, you need to use 1 rift.

In prestige missions, you will need to use 4 rift.

Visit a Rift Zone

Rift zones are no less fascinating places than the current location. If you did not know, now all the old locations that appear due to the fault of the rift are called the rift zone. There are two of them at the moment – Retail Row and Tilted town. According to leaks, dusty divot and paradise palms will soon be added to this number.

You can determine the rift zone by the huge purple dome, which covers the entire location. Such zones are visible from afar, and they are marked by a force field even on the map.

Retail RowRetail Row

The location seemed to have grown together with the Fortnite map! It was removed only for one season and replaced by a mall. And now, the outlet has again become the center of the world, renaming itself the name we already know. Zombies walk on the streets of the region, so don’t stop!

Tilted town

Tilted townTilted town is an excellent replacement for the Neo Tilted. Given that you cannot build and collect resources there, this place is perfect for your needs. Land, loot and complete other missions so as not to waste time!

In normal missions, you need to visit one rift zone.

In prestige missions, you will need to search 5 chests in rift zone.

Deal damage to opponents at a mountain top Viking Village or Loot Lake

We recommend going into a rumble and not think about anything, because every third circle in a team rumble falls on Loot lake. Therefore, you will easily complete this challenge, the main thing is that you are lucky with the zone.

In normal missions, you need to deal 200 damage.

In prestige missions, you will need to eliminate 3 enemies in these locations.

Visit A Memorial To A Cube In The Desert Or By A Lake

You can visit a memorial to a cube in the desert or by a lake in one match, the main thing is to use rifts. You can look at a more detailed guide here.

Visit A Memorial To A Cube In The Desert Or By A Lake - Fortnite Worlds Collide Challenges

Eliminate opponents in the desert

What is your first association with the word desert? That’s right, sand, a lot of sand. Therefore, in order to complete this challenge, it is necessary to choose a team rumble mode and wait for a circle over paradise palms or over any other areas covered with sand. In a team rumble, you will have enough attempts to complete eliminate opponents in the desert task. The main thing is to be lucky with the circle.

In normal missions, you need to eliminate 3 opponents.

In prestige missions, you will need to eliminate 3 enemies at Paradise palms or Fatal Fields.

Search chests at Loot Lake

Search chests at Loot LakeLoot Lake is so often modified that it is already difficult to be sure that there is a chest at one point or another. However, with a high probability we can say that this location will become the most popular this week. map will help you in the wild competition find the right chest, and if you’re lucky, complete the mission in 1 game.


In normal missions, you need to find 3 chests at LL.

In prestige missions, you will need to search 7 chests at Loot Lake or Lucky Landing.

Consume foraged mushrooms

Fortnite has a huge number of plants (and not only) that you can eat and restore health. But today we will pick mushrooms. Mushrooms are the first objects that gave the player armor. And let them be able to restore only 5 armor – a few eaten mushrooms can save your life. It is very good that epic games do not forget to remind players about locations with mushrooms, and we help them and publish a map that will give you information about all the mushrooms and allow you to quickly complete the mission.

Just run up to the mushroom and press the action button.

Consume foraged mushrooms

In normal missions, you need to consume foraged 10 mushrooms.

In prestige missions, you will need to consume foraged 5 mushrooms in single match.


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