How to get the Blizzabelle Fortnite outfit for free?

The holidays are already starting, or at least they are in Fortnite. Today, PC Fortnite players can get the Blizzabelle outfit (recolored Izabelle) for free.

How to get Blizzabelle on PC

To get Blizzabelle on PC, just launch Fortnite via the Epic Games launcher and get the outfit from the item shop. And that’s it – you don’t need to do anything else.

Launch the game via the launcher, go to the item shop tab, find the outfit, purchase it and that’s it. However, you need to do it before January 6, 16:00 UTC.

How to get Blizzabelle on other platforms

As far as we know for now, the Blizzabelle outfit can only be redeemed by PC players. That’s because of the conditions set by the developers:

To celebrate the @EpicGames Holiday Sale, we’re giving away the Blizabelle Outfit. Claim yours in the Item Shop after logging into your account via the Epic Games Launcher until January 6, 2022.

According to this tweet, you can only get this outfit if you launch Fortnite via the Epic Games launcher. If you use a different platform, the only way to get the outfit is to find a PC, launch Fortnite, get the outfit and get back to playing on your main platform.

All the outfits are available across all platforms, so if you want to get the outfit, try to find a PC, download the Epic Games store, launch Fortnite, go to the item shop and redeem the outfit. You can also try to get the outfit by using GeForce Now, but that might not work, unlike using a PC.


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