How to play No Building Mode in Fortnite

The beginning of Season 2 Chapter 3 was distinguished by temporary no building mode. Everything was forbidden – floors, walls, stairs, and especially cones. Many Fortnite players liked such things, and therefore, now that Building Mode has been included in the game, they have an important question: How to play No Building Mode in Fortnite?

How to play No Building Mode in Fortnite

Fortunately for us, the game has several no building modes. There are four of them, and they are located right in front of the Building Modes.

The non-building modes in the game are called Zero Build (solo, duos, trios, squads).

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To play No Building Mode in Fortnite, just open the list of modes, select the desired battle format (Zero Build) and start the game. So you will continue to enjoy the casual game, and you will know the beauty of Fortnite mechanics.

It is a pity that despite the presence of No Building Modes, there are not many tools in the game that simplify movement. Grapplers could help with mobility, but they are not yet available. Maybe they’ll show up later.


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