Jennifer Walters awakening challenges – the She-Hulk style

Instead of regular Hulk there’s She-Hulk in Fortnite, which is not a surprise considering the size of Bruce Benner as Hulk. Unfortunately, the She-Hulk style for Jennifer Walters is not really a style – it is an emote that u can use exclusively with the Jennifer Walters outfit to switch the styles. If you use it with Jennifer’s second style, you’ll get red She-Hulk as a result.

To complete Jennifer Walters awakening challenges and turn into She-Hulk you will need to do 3 things before you start:

  • Buy the Premium Battle Pass
  • Get to level 29 of the Battle Pass
  • Equip the Jennifer Walters outfit

Visit Jennifer Walters’ office as Jennifer Walters

Jennifer’s office is located in Retail Row. Just land as close to the marked house as you can, and come closer to it. The challenge will be completed even without going into the office.

Eliminate Doctor Doom’s henchmen as Jennifer Walters

This challenge is probably the hardest one of Jennifer Walters awakening challenges. The only place where you can find him is Pleasant Park, which is now called Doom’s Domain. You don’t need to kill Doctor Doom himself, but you’ll need to eliminate his guards. 3 of them is enough to complete the challenge, but the henchmen can be hard to find, because the amount of players that land there might be even bigger than the amount of henchmen.

Jennifer Walters awakening challenges - the She-Hulk style

Emote as Jennifer Walters after smashing vases

This challenge is the last one of the Jennifer Walters awakening challenges. To complete it, just destroy a vase and use a special emote that will appear in the emote wheel. The best place to complete this is the island in the southern part of the map. The vases are everywhere in that place, so finding one won’t be a problem. Just land there and smash a vase, then use an emote. You won’t even need to chose it because there will only be one emote available. After using it Jennifer will become She-Hulk, and you will get the emote. Unfortunately, you can only use it with the Jennifer Walters outfit, so you can’t turn a Banana into Hulk.


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