Oppressor  Oppressor Outfit is a high-tech cyborg killer with the desire to kill all your enemies. A durable gray exoskeleton made from an unknown alloy shows us Oppressor’s willingness to kill. Head breaks into a terrifying smile, reminding us of the Nite Nite. Oppressor Outfit has no eyes, instead of them there are glasses, on top of which there is a line that “replaces” the eyes outwardly. A shield is installed in the forehead, and a rim is installed on the back of the head. Protective inserts with a triangular mosaic are installed throughout the exoskeleton. Bright neon lines are installed in the hands, emphasizing the high-tech cyborg. Also an inconspicuous detail – strikethrough crossed out sticks throughout Oppressor’s body. These sticks are used for two purposes (and in both cases among criminals) – either to count the week in prisons, or to account for the killings of killers on their guns. These marks are located throughout the Oppressor skin, which shows his professional skills as a killer

Oppressor Outfit also has two kinds of styles. They differ only in color – the inserts are either bright orange or bright blue.

The result Oppressor skin is a legendary, detailed outfit. If you have v-bucks – you can safely buy, this legendary skin pays for the money invested in it.

TypeRarity Reach SetRelease
OutfitLegendary2000 Oppressor  --


Opressor outfit is sold in the in-game store for 2000 V-bucks. The set comes with two styles that can be switched in the locker.


Out of time, and out for vengeance.

PNG pictures

High-quality images of Oppressor Outfit in a PNG format with a transparent background, so that you use them as you see fit (wallpapers, YouTube, etc.):



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