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Typical Gamer

Typical Gamer Fortnite Settings

Andre “Typical Gamer” Rebelo  is a full-time YouTube streamer from Canada. He is now playing Fortnite, but he was previously playing other games. Typical Gamer Fortnite Video Settings Typical Gamer Fortnite Mouse Settings Typical...


slappie Fortnite Settings

slappie is a professional Fortnite player and a twitch streamer from US. He is a member of TSM and is also a Twitch streamer. slappie Fortnite video settings slappie Fortnite mouse settings slappie Fortnite...


POW3R Fortnite Settings

POW3R is a Fortnite player and content creator from Italy as well as a member of Fnatic. POW3R Fortnite Video Settings POW3R Fortnite Mouse Settings POW3R Fortnite Key Bindings


Mitr0 Fortnite Settings

Dmitri “Mitr0” Van de Vrie is a professional Fortnite player from the Netherlands. He is playing for Team Liquid and also streams on Twitch. He was previously a member of Team Atlantis. Mitr0 Fortnite...


Martoz Fortnite Settings

Juan “Martoz” Manuel Martinez Ozuduru is a professional Fortnite player. He was previously playing H1Z1 and now is a member of FaZe Clan. Martoz Fortnite Video Settings Martoz Fortnite Mouse Settings Martoz Fortnite Key...


Luneze Fortnite Settings

Matt “Luneze” Melendez is a professional Fortnite player and Twitch streamer from US. He previously played Apex Legends and CS:GO Luneze Fortnite Video Settings Luneze Fortnite Mouse Settings Luneze Fortnite Key Bindings Luneze other...


LeTsHe Fortnite Settings

Kevin “LeTsHe” Fedjuschkin is a professional Fortnite player from Germany. He is a member of Team Atlantis, a Twitch streamer and a YouTube content creator. LeTsHe Controller Binds (Build) LeTsHe Controller Binds (Combat) LeTsHe...


H1ghSky1 Fortnite Settings

H1ghSky1 is a professional Fortnite player for FaZe clan and a YouTube streamer. H1ghSky1 Fortnite key bindings H1ghSky1 Fortnite Mouse Settings H1ghSky1 Fortnite Video Settings H1ghSky1 other Fortnite settings