Red jade

Red jade  Red jade outfit is novelty in one of the Fortnite updates. Its appearance is worthy of our attention with us, especially since Red jade outfit is one of the best skins for its uncommon price! From similar ones, we can distinguish Tsuki and Facet.

Red jade outfit is an atypical Japanese girl who decided to devote her life to murders and battles, rather than a peaceful social life. Her deadly kunai are always at the ready, the target will not run away from them. Red jade skin dressed in nothing to restrain her costume in order to penetrate the territory of the enemy (or in the last phase of the storm) unnoticed. Stylish black and red color, Asian theme, as well as price. The price is prohibitive (due to low rarity). If you do not have money, and you want a simple, but well-designed Red jade outfit is the best option. As for me, this is generally the best skin for 800 V-bucks. So decide for yourself.

Red jade outfit is not confined to any event, and you only need to wait in the in-game store. The skin is extremely unusual, albeit cheap. It is also unknown how often it will appear in the store, so allocate V-bucks in advance!

TypeRarity Reach SetRelease
OutfitUncommon800 Red jade  --



Summon your fighting spirit.

PNG pictures

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