Respawn Mechanic in Fortnite

Epic Games have confirmed that they are considering the possibility of a revival function in the Fortnite.

Respawn Entertainment released the game Apex Legends in early February. Although the game did not turn the market over, it contributed a lot to the gameplay of the royal battle. The main innovation was the revival, which works as follows: after you were cut down, and then finished off – no need to leave the game or watch for teammates. After your death, the teammates have some time to pick up your badge from the corpse and get it to the point of rebirth. If the teammates had time, you will appear on the map without loot and continue to play with friends.

During an interview with Fortnite developers, one of the fans asked: “Does Epic Games have a desire to add a respawn mechanic?”

RZELive, producer of Epic Games, confirmed that the team is considering the possibility of implementing this feature, but it will not appear at the start of season 8.


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