Search Chests

The final challenge of the Fortnite “14 Days of Christmas”  has arrived! Today we need to find and open 14 Fortnite chests. The task is as simple as possible, but we cannot leave you without a little hint. Below you will find a fortnight map with the location of the chests and their approximate number.

сундуков - Search Chests

After completing this task you will receive a new glider:

Equalizer 300x300 - Search Chests

Unfortunately, there are no additional rewards for completing all 14 quests. We were all hoping for a DJ Bop skin, but alas, it costs 2,000 bucks. That’s all, read our news and come on Thursday, we will prepare for you a cheat card for 5 weeks of the 7th season.


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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