Showtime Challenges – Guide

Very soon, or rather February 2, in a pleasant park of Fortnight a concert of DJ Marshmallow will take place. For us, we prepared not only a great show, but also gifts for performing various tasks. We, in turn, prepared a guide for you so that you would receive all the awards and collect the whole set from DJ Marshmello.

Showtime Challenges - Guide

Search a Showtime poster

To complete this task you need to find a Marshmello poster on the island and study it (hold down the action button). The easiest way to complete a task is to study a poster in abandoned towers.

Marshmello poster and its location:

Showtime Challenges - Guide

Reward: “Mello made it right” Spray

Showtime Challenges - Guide

Visit the Event Venue

To perform this task, it is enough to visit the scene, which is located on the site of a football field in Pleasant Park.

Showtime Challenges - Guide

As a reward you will receive the dance “Keep it Mello”, which you will need in the next task.

Use Keep It Mello at a trucker’s oasis, ice cream parlor, and a frozen lake

Use our map to choose the right places to dance! We remind you that the “Keep it Mello” is the one that is issued for the performance of the previous task of this series of tests and you need to dance it.

Showtime Challenges - Guide


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