Our Fortnite gliders list is designed to facilitate your search for dreams among in-game cosmetics. Like other skins, gliders have their own categories of rarity: legendary, epic, rare, uncommon and common. However, they do not always have cardinal differences in appearance, but rather in price. The most expensive glider when you buy will cost you 1,500 V-bucks, and the cheapest one in 500. Regardless of the price, all fortnite gliders are collected in our article.

I would like to note that among the gliders, the players have favorites. For example, Frostwing or Downpour.

Nite Flight main 320x224 - Nite Flight

Nite Flight

Fortnite Nite Flight glider is a decoration for flying, designed for all lovers of stars and sleep. It’s enough to buy this glider so that it lulls you to the end of the game! Zzzzzzz....

Warthog main 320x224 - Warthog


Fortnite Warthog glider is a cosmetic item that is made in a military-style. I don’t know if it will entertain you during the flight, but it is already sweeping me during the viewing! Hit...

Ice Cream Cruiser main 320x224 - Ice Cream Cruiser

Ice Cream Cruiser

Fortnite Ice Cream Cruiser glider is a cosmetic item that looks like ice cream and is especially good in the summer! It has cones on the sides, and in the center is ice cream...

Airlift main 320x224 - Airlift


Fortnite Airlift glider is a cosmetic item that will save every fallen teammate and finish off every enemy. Just remember, this is literary liberty. Hardly even one glider is able to affect the gameplay....

Libre main 320x224 - Libre


Fortnite Libre glider is a red fantasy with a pretty ornament. Do all of these bands mean something – you can only figure out the specialized cipher of epic games. And you thought all...

Modern main 320x224 - Modern


Fortnite Modern glider is a cosmetic item that looks too mundane to be true. Well, I do not believe it! I don’t believe that there are so many gliders of the same type! A...