Fortnite Gemini skin Challenges leaked

Gemini skin, which got into the game files of Fortnite back in April, but never came out, got new information. The network has been tested for this skin. Here are the tests:

Fortnite Gemini skin Challenges leaked

As we can see, to unlock new styles, we need to do all the skin tests, and this is:

  • Play 25 matches
  • Outlast 1000 opponents
  • Gain 20,000 XP

Because Inferno will soon disappear from the Fortnite store in the coming days, it was possible to assume that the robot will become a new paid skin to replace the Inferno skin. However, the lack of V-bucks makes us discard this idea. Previously, we assumed that the skin would be part of the combat pass, but did not work out.


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