Where to Leave Secret Documents in Fortnite | Fortnite Season 17 Week 13 Legendary Challenge

Leave secret documents at a bus stop is the Fortnite Season 17 Week 13 Legendary Challenge. Let’s go to complete!

The secret documents that we have persistently mined for all 13 weeks now need to be secretly delivered. And if these were real secret documents, they would need to be passed from hand to hand, and since this time it is a bait, we will trust the crowded bus stops. Let’s leave the documents there and wait for the mole to bite our uncomplicated plan.

You have visited the bus stops that are needed for the quest more than once because there we take orders from our Slone. But unlike payphones that are at every stop, a suitcase for leaving secret documents is not located everywhere. I found only 4 bus stops where you can place secret documents and hide in the shadows.

Fly to any specified location, interact with the suitcase and hope that UFOs are so short-sighted.


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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