A bug lets you see what Greasy Grove looks like under the frozen lake

It’s been a great season since as a Greasy Grove was buried under the ice. And only now a bug appeared, which allowed to look at the frozen Greasy Grove, which is located under the icy lake.

In the repeat mode, the reddite user managed to capture what is happening under the lake:

How Greasy Grove looks under ice lake from r/FortNiteBR

As we can see, there are very few buildings left, while some of them have lost the main part and only the roof is visible. Vehicles are still present, although only some cars are on the ground, others are frozen and it seems that they are hanging in the air.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the author starts shooting in front of 3 trading devices that sell rare mini-mines. Yes, we know that there are no rare miniguns in the game, and what we see is not a spoiler, but just a stub, which is used by the developers.

Alas, judging by the current view of the Greasy Grove, we will never see the place that disappeared from the map at the end of Season 5. We can only hope that when the ice melts we will get a new location with elements of the old one.


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