The top 5 in-game Fortnite Battle Royale events

During the existence of the Fortnite, a large number of various in-game events occurred in the game. Epic Games managed to turn the changes in the landscape or plot into a real celebration for the players. Many events are expected with no less desire than real holidays.

#5 Ice King Takeover

A massive event, the mystery of which kept everyone at a loss during season 7. Users were looking for any leads to solve the mystery of the ball, which unexpectedly for everyone, hung over the Polar Peak. But unfortunately, many assumptions turned out to be much more interesting than a junction. The ball broke, the Ice king appeared from it, covered the entire map with snow and disappeared.

It was really a large-scale and bright event, but it is clearly losing to competitors, therefore, 5th place.

Event Video

#4 Kevin the Cube / Bouncy Lake

A huge bouncy – this is what the mean pond turned into after the Kevin the cube had dissolved into it. For a long time, a huge purple cube traveled around the Fortnite map and eventually reached the lake and dissolved into it. The cube was very popular among users, it was not for nothing that he got his name and everyone closely followed his fate.

The event turned out to be visually colorful, and left behind a vivid impression. The golden time of “jumping skirmishes” on the pond. The cube got into the game at the moment when the game was not yet wanted to be scolded, everyone loved it and therefore this event will remain in the memory of many. But the memories are memories, and the Fortnite were more colorful events.

Event Video

#3 Marshmello Concert

It was the funniest thing I ever saw in Fortnite. Gathering a concert with a unique set list, which you could listen to in the game, was absolutely brilliant.

Watching a concert while sailing under low gravity was just a fantastic video game experience for the community. This event was a testament to how Fortnite got into the mainstream. The Marshmello event video was viewed almost 40 million times:

Using this crossover with a celebrity in such a way as to be mutually beneficial, this is something that only Epic Games managed to do very well.

This event is only at # 2, because, despite the fun, it did not have a lasting impact on Fortnite. It began and ended — the locations were not changed, and no new weapons were added.

Event Video

#2 Rocket Launch

The rocket, which flew erratically from side to side, fixed on the 2nd place of our rating. Surprisingly, the event that happened in season 4 still looks spectacular and unusual. Perhaps the fact that I personally was not present at this event influenced the final assessment, but, even without being there, my emotions are just on top!

Event Video

#1 Nexus / Volcano / Voting

The last game event turned out to be the largest and most beautiful in the whole history of Fortnite. We were gradually moved towards the end of the season, step by step, first excavation, then runes, lasers, and finally, the opening of the store.

Unfortunately, technical problems did not allow everyone to enjoy the event, but we cannot move it to another place due to technical difficulties.

The vault opened and jumping into it, people got into an infinite room with a ball that supposedly glowed with black fire and 6 pillars into which objects previously removed from the game were chained. Users were given to choose one of the items and threw everyone into the sky, which was already filled with fire in anticipation of a volcanic eruption. We are already silent about the fact that as a result of the eruption 2 locations died …

For this event, you can forgive all the horror that was happening in season 8. The season was frankly not the best, but the final event deservedly takes 1st place in our ranking.

Event Video


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