A new bug sends Fortnite players under the map

Bugs breaking the game have always been part of the game. For example, ziplines that launch players into space, and then smash them on the water surface. Well, from recent, you can highlight a bus bug that takes players away from the map.

Recently, there was no one to monitor bugs, as the development team went on vacation. And reports of broken lightsabers were ignored. The latter, although they went to the repository, but the errors remained. This time, a new bug sends Fortnite players under the map.

Under the map at Salty Springs from r/FortNiteBR

The video shows that the buildings did not have time to load, and the player simply fell through them. And this is not an isolated case. One player failed on the starting island.

somehow I spawned under the map in Team Rumble from r/FortNiteBR

And some of them lose matches due to the fact that their opponent is swimming somewhere under the map. It is not known whether cheats are involved or not, but it definitely requires attention. The video shows that the player has only a pick. We can conclude that he could be under the map by mistake, but he was lucky, and he was even able to take first place.

So i placed 2nd because there was a guy swimming under the map in the water, GGs, i need to get better LOL XD from r/FortniteCompetitive

No matter how well-deserved the vacation, the time has come for the developers to return, otherwise, it has already begun to go beyond


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