A New «Junk Rift» Item Coming Soon To Fortnite Battle Royale

Like any other update, v10.10 patch contained many leaks. Basically, dataminers only find cosmetic items in the game’s files, but this time they found something interesting!

Dataminer @iFireMonkey, along with cosmetics, discovered in the game files an image of an upcoming item – Junk Rift. Unfortunately, the leak brought almost no details other than the basic mechanics of the action.

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Judging by the loading screen, we can say that the Junk Rift can be thrown like Bottle Rocket. After this, the projectile will fly up and create a fault, from which various debris will fall. In addition, at the moment, it is only known that the Junk Rift is a consumable item and it can be stored in the amount of 4 pieces in one cell.

A New «Junk Rift» Item Coming Soon To Fortnite Battle Royale

Perhaps this is a revised version of airstrike? It seems to us that the Junk Rift will be useful in the destruction of buildings and, perhaps, will cause great damage to enemies and the BRUTE hated by all.


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