How To Do All Air Royale LTM Challenges

With the patch 8.40 in the game added a new mode “Air Royale”. Together with the regime, a series of tests was added, which is carried out only in the “Air Royale” mode. In total for the execution of all tests you can get 4 wraps.

All Air Royale LTM Challenges

Deal Damage to opposing Stormwings with an SMG or Minigun

To accomplish this mission, you first need to get a submachine gun or a minigun. For this you need to collect the Sky Chests in the hope that you will get the right weapon. Sky Chests are a projection of chests in the sky, it is highlighted, so you will see it from far away. As soon as you got a gun, shoot from it at the enemy’s aircraft. If it happens that you play alone and you do not have a pilot, then press CTRL during the flight to change the place and shoot the enemy from the passenger seat.

Reward: 500 XP

Collect different rarities or Sky Chests as a pilot

It is necessary to fly through the luminous chests hanging in the sky, look at the screenshot. Believe me, you can easily complete this mission the first time.

 Sky Chests

Reward: 500 XP

Play matches of Air Royale

"Call sign skull"This task is even simpler than the second. Just play 7 times in air battles mode. Nothing is easier and no tips are needed.

Reward: Wrap



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