All Alien Artifacts for Kymera styles in Fortnite week 2

The Alien Artifacts for week 2 of Fortnite came unexpected, and already are all over the map. There’s 5 of them, just like last week. This time they’re located not as symmetrical as before, but this shouldn’t be a problem – collecting them is still an easy task if you have a UFO or just play several matches.

Here’s the map of all the Alien Artifacts from week 2 of Fortnite:

If you didn’t collect the artifacts from the previous week, here’s a map that shows all the alien artifacts from both weeks:


As always, it’s enough to just go through the artifacts to collect them, no need to press any buttons. Here are all of them in-game:

The alien artifacts look the same as they did before:


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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