Neymar Jr quests – maps and guide

Neymar Jr quests in Fortnite can give you a lot of free cosmetic items, so completing them is pretty much the only option. However, you must have the Battle Pass for Chapter 2 Season 6 to complete the quests and get the items, so be sure to buy it if you think that it’s worth it.

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Here are the rewards that you can get for completing Neymar Jr quests:

  • Soccer Ball Emote Toy and a Neymar Jr Banner Icon
  • Matador Loading Screen
  • Neymar Jr Skin
  • Joia Trophy Back Bling
  • Jaguar Strike Pickaxe
  • “Shhh.” Emote

Neymar Jr quests - maps and guide

Talk to a soccer character

There are 3 new football NPCs on the map.  Talk to them get the Soccer Ball toy as well as a Banner Icon.

Neymar Jr quests - maps and guide

Complete 3 quests from Soccer Characters

To complete this challenge, you need to accept Soccer characters’ quests. This is done as you would expect: just press the interaction button when pointing at a Soccer NPC and select the Quest option. This challenge will unlock the Matador Loading Screen.

Neymar Jr quests - maps and guide

Complete 5 quests from Soccer Characters

Just do the same things you did for the previous challenge. For completing 5 Soccer Characters’ quests, you will get the Neymar outfit.

Drop Kick the Soccer Ball Toy 500 Meters as Neymar Jr

Once you’ve unlocked the Neymar Jr outfit and the Soccer Ball toy, you need to select the skin and go to a high place somewhere on the map. Once you’re there, just select the toy and kick the ball as far as you can.

Neymar Jr quests - maps and guide

Score a Goal with the Soccer Ball Toy as Neymar Jr

To score a goal, come to any football field you can find and kick the ball toy you got earlier into the gate. If you don’t want a challenge, just come as close as you can before using the emote.

Neymar Jr quests - maps and guide

You can find the soccer fields in the same spots where you found the Soccer NPCs.

Neymar Jr quests - maps and guide

Eliminate 3 enemies as Neymar Jr

This is one of the easiest Neymar Jr quests – just launch Fortnite if you still somehow haven’t, drop into Team Rumble or any other mode that you like and eleminate 3 enemies. Doing so will get you the “Shhh…” emote that you can use to change the style of Neymar Jr.


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